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Applicants make ridiculous claims

Job applicants always want to make themselves look as good as possible on their résumés. But some go to ridiculous extremes, according to recruiters who responded to a recent ZoomInsights survey. Here are some of the most interesting or humorous examples of résumé padding they shared:

  • “Managed a $350 million budget” in a clerical position. It turned out the applicant updated her employer’s spreadsheets.
  • Impossible academic credentials, including an engineering degree from a real college that had no such program and a doctoral degree from a “college” that turned out to be a karate school.
  • A 21-year-old candidate with “10 years of experience” in network engineering.
  • A résumé copied verbatim from the Internet, without changing the name.
  • Ability to type 80 words per minute with “compleat acuracy” (the applicant’s typo, no ours!).

Recruiters are social
An overwhelming majority of recruiters who responded to the ZoomInsights survey (76 percent) consider LinkedIn their most important social media tool. Facebook and Twitter got the next-most responses to the “What social media do you use most for recruiting?” question, with 12 percent and 9 percent, respectively.


Recruiters are social 

IT positions most challenging
We were not surprised to learn that information technology and engineering positions continue to be the most difficult to fill, according to recruiters who responded to the ZoomInsights survey. Forty-one percent of respondents ranked IT staff as the most challenging to recruit, while 28 percent named engineering. Sales came in a strong third.


IT positions most challenging 

Top topics of interest
Recruiters ranked topics they really want to learn more about. How to match candidates for those hard-to-fill positions is of most interest. Using analytics in recruiting was the second.


Top topics of interest

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